Preparing for Your Spray Tan:


- Do not shave the last 24 hours prior to your visit.

- Shower and exfoliate.  Do not use soaps with oil or any moisturizing features to them.

- Spend extra time exfoliating areas with thick skin such as knees, elbows and ankles.

- Avoid wearing deodorant, perfume or moisturizers (unless they are specifically formulated for spray tanning).

- Remove all makeup (including eye makeup).

- Wear loose-fitting, dark clothing and avoid underwire bras.  It is preferable not to wear a bra on the way home.

- Wear open-toed shoes such as flip flops.


We recommend spray tanning 2 days before your event.



- You need to wait at least 8 hours (longer is fine) before rinsing off after your spray tan.  Do NOT use soap the first time you rinse.  When you do shower, apply shower gel/soap with your hands only.  Avoid using loofahs or a washcloth.  Pat dry only with a towel after your first rinse and shower. 

- Try to avoid washing your hands during the first 8 hours and if you have to wash your hands wash your palms only.

- Avoid perspiration before you rinse off as this can cause your color to streak.

- Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.  We recommend 2-3 time daily with ONLY an oil free lotion.

-To elongate your tan, refrain from any exfoliation as long as possible.  It is best to apply soap with your hands only for the duration of your tan.  Pat dry with a towel.