Holly McFall


Holly graduated from Central State Massage Academy at the top of her class.  She utilizes many different modalities in her practice including the use of trigger point therapy and stretching.

Holly is a gifted massage therapist that really enjoys helping others feel their best.  Her decision to follow this career path came from watching her mother suffer from back pain for years.  After a visit to physical therapy herself, Holly realized massage therapy was a way for her to help others.  “God has called me to do this and I love the fact that I help people and can also teach them how to help themselves.” 


Suite: 230
Phone: (405) 513-5757


In a custom massage, the therapist evaluates each client's specific therapeutic needs and preferences.  The therapist will then create a custom massage using various modalities such as: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports, Trigger Point and Thai.  Prenatal techniques are applied for expectant mothers.  Custom massages are done on a time basis according to the rates below.

Custom Massage

0:30 Hour $50
0:45 Hour $70
1:00 Hour  $90 
1:15 Hour  $115 
1:30 Hour  $130 
1:45 Hour  $150 
2:00 Hour  $190 
Therapeutic Massage       45/30 min 
  80/60 min 
  120/90 min 

Couples massages available for 60 and 90 minute increments.

All Prices Subject to Change