Saundra Taylor


Saundra is a master therapist that has been practicing the art of massage since 1980. She is well trained in many modalities, including deep tissue, hot stone, and prenatal, just to name a few. Saundra has a keen sensitivity that allows her to connect with her clients' needs and it is through her many years of experience that she is able to provide each client with a unique and personalized experience of bliss.


Phone: (405) 513-5757


In a custom massage, the therapist evaluates each client's specific therapeutic needs and preferences.  The therapist will then create a custom massage using various modalities such as: Ashiatsu, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports and Trigger Point.  Prenatal techniques are applied for expectant mothers.

Custom Massage

0:30 Hour $50
0:45 Hour $70
1:00 Hour  $90 
1:15 Hour  $115 
1:30 Hour  $130 
1:45 Hour  $150 
2:00 Hour  $190 

The therapeutic massage is a full body massage that uses light to medium pressure for a massage that relaxes the mind and body.  This massage also includes up to two areas of deeper pressure in order to provide tension and stress relief where needed.

Therapeutic Massage       45/30 min 
  80/60 min 
  120/90 min 

Couples massages available for 60 and 90 minute intervals.

All Prices Subject to Change