Summer Gulickson


"Massage is a luxury you can't afford to miss. Invest in yourself.
You are worth it!"

     I love people, and I especially love making them feel better through massage.  I am always trying to incorporate what I learn from people, places and experiences, to do the best I can for my clients.  I began my career journey as a Registered Nurse, graduating from the University of Oklahoma.  I married into the U.S. Army after college and have proudly worked along-side our brave soldiers as a surgical nurse at the Army Hospital in Ft. Hood Texas, as the School Nurse at Vogelweh and Kaiserslautern military schools in Germany, and as a massage therapist to soldiers and their families in the Ft. Hood area.  The Army opened my eyes to the beauty of people with unique backgrounds and different cultures, all around the world.
     As a nurse in these settings, I began to see how high stress and physically demanding jobs can take a toll on people, and noticed how a shoulder rub or scalp massage could really help people to relax.  I wanted to increase my knowledge of massage and incorporate it into my skills as a nurse, to help improve the physical and emotional well being of those around me.
     Upon returning to the States, I enrolled in a Massage Therapy program in Killeen, Texas, and began working with clients with all different types of issues.  I enjoyed massage therapy so much, that I switched to this career, and am so happy to be where I am.  I enjoy doing Swedish, Deep Tissue, Pregnancy and Hot Stone massages. I also like to incorporate different massage techniques I have learned through traveling, and sharing modalities from other massage therapists from several different cultures.
I hope to bring every client I meet a sense of peace, some relief from pain and stress, and an overall feeling of well-being.


Phone: (405) 513-5757


In a custom massage, the therapist evaluates each client's specific therapeutic needs and preferences.  The therapist will then create a custom massage using various modalities such as: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports, Trigger Point and Thai.  Prenatal techniques are applied for expectant mothers.  Custom massages are done on a time basis according to the rates below.

Custom Massage

0:30 Hour $50
0:45 Hour $70
1:00 Hour  $90 
1:15 Hour  $115 
1:30 Hour  $130 
1:45 Hour  $150 
2:00 Hour  $190 

The therapeutic massage is a full body massage that uses light to medium pressure for a massage that relaxes the mind and body.  This massage also includes up to two areas of deeper pressure in order to provide tension and stress relief where needed.

Therapeutic Massage       45/30 min 
  80/60 min 
  120/90 min 


Couples massages available for 60 and 90 minute intervals.

All Prices Subject to Change