Bev Harlow


Bev is a results-driven Master Aesthetician with many years of successful experience.  She has attended many additional advanced skin care courses and aesthetics educational training.  Bev possesses a special talent for analyzing skin, performing extractions and determining a successful plan of treatment for the best result.  Her thorough consultation with each of her clients makes their treatment even more exclusive and her passion for skin care makes her personalized level of service unmatched. 


Phone: (405) 513-5757
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Facials will include the following unless contradicted by protocol: skin analysis, cleansing, toning, exfoliation, steam, relaxing scalp, face, shoulders, neck and extremities massage, custom mask, serum, moisturizer, SPF, and personal skincare regimen.

Extractions are at the discretion of the aesthetician.

Skinceuticals Facial 100/75 min
Oxygen Resurfacing Facial 95/60 min
The Max Facial  100/60 min 
Prestige Facial 115/75 min
Elite Facial  140/75 min 
Ormedic (Organic) Facial 85/60 min 
Bella Facial  85/60 min 
Clear Skin Facial  75/60 min 
Express Facial 45/30 min
Back Facial 90/60 min
Skin Treatments:  
Diamond Microdermabrasion 55/45 min
Diamond Microdermabrasion PLUS  65/45 min 
Dermaplaning 80/45 min
Signature Four Layer Treatment  85/45 min 
ADD ON: (to designated facials only)    
Add-On Microderm   30/15 min
Add-On LED light therapy 25/15 min
Add-On Dermaplaning 35/30 min
Chemical Peels:
Lightening Lift Peel  85/45 min 
Wrinkle Lift Peel  85/45 min 
Acne Lift Peel  85/45 min 
Perfection Lift Peel  150/45 min 
Lashes 25
Brows 20
Waxing (Prices Starting At):  
Eyebrow  20
Lip  15
Combo Brow/Lip 33
Chin  15 
Nostrils  20 
Jawline 20
Full Face  50
Ears  20
Bikini  45
French 55*
Brazilian 65*
Manzilian 65*
Half Legs (knee and below)  45*
Full Legs (to top of thigh)  65* 
Buttocks (Women) 20
Buttocks (Men) 25
Underarms  30
Forearms  35* 
Full Arms  50*
Back  65* 
Shoulders 25*
Chest  65* 
Fingers and Hands  15
Toes and Feet  15

All Prices Subject to Change
*starting price